enTIRE Updates Released!

We’re always improving your enTIRE Tyre and Rim Management Software. Recently there have been many changes to the system, so be sure to download your updates to gain access to these latest features.

Current versions are :

enTIRE Wheels 3.1.67
enTIRE Reporting 3.1.55
enTIRE Dynamic Reporting 3.1.26

Changes to recent versions include :
– New Reports
– Updated graphics/theme within application and Excel based reports
– Usability enhancements (e.g. new shortcuts to quickly change site etc…)
– Stability and integrity enhancements
– Support for MS Office 2013 and SQL Server 2012
– Bug fixes

Please also be sure to check out enTIRE SupplierNet, our Supplier Access module. Please ask us for details.

Complete feature/revision listings are included with the download.