enTIRE Wheels is ideally suited to tracking large numbers of vehicles and tyres in large transport fleets. Our sites range from single user operations to large multiple depot fleets spanning multiple countries. With the cost of each tyre exceeding hundreds of dollars, large fleets can spend many millions of dollars each year on tyres alone. enTIRE Wheels provides critical management information that can assist you in reducing your tyre costs. With the many different manufacturers producing similar tyres, it is important to determine which tyre or tyres suit your operation.

To assist you in making the right decisions for your fleet, enTIRE will calculate detailed information on each tyre including:

  • Tyre cost per Kilometre, mile, hour, tonne
  • Total tyre life
  • Tyre failure/scrap reason(s)
  • Repair performance
  • Retread performance
  • Rim performance
  • Manufacturer performance
  • Wear rates
  • Full positional history
  • Site transfer history
  • Warranty history
  • Pressure and tread history
  • Full audit trail of all transactions.

This information will assist your management team to reduce tyre costs, improve safety, reduce operational issues affecting tyre life and most importantly reduce vehicle downtime.

enTIRE Wheels is suited to many different deployment methods ranging from centrally operated single user, to each depot managing the information themselves with the application hosted on a server at head office.  

enTIRE Transport is used by tyre manufacturers, service providers and end users, implemented in small to very large operations.  Service providers use enTIRE to provide cost per kilometre/mile contracts to their clients.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your operation and software requirements.

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