enTIRE PressureAgent

enTIRE PressureAgent

The enTIRE PressureAgent was developed by VMC to simplify the configuring and downloading of data from the PressurePro Data Logging Monitor.

With enTIRE PressureAgent you can download the full history of logged pressures for each wheel position on your vehicle directly into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet charts pressures over time, gives you a summary of warnings and potential issues that should be followed up and a complete list of pressure readings from each sensor.

When linked with enTIRE Wheels the readings can be compared to recommended pressures based on the vehicle, the construction of the tyre (radial or bias) and the axle. The reference pressures from the PressurePro Data Logging Monitor can also be checked against this data.

In addition to analysing your pressures this information allows you to identify other issues. For example, improper setup or sensors that are not communicating due to low signal, flat battery or interference. Driver response to warnings can also be checked to a certain degree.

enTIRE PressureAgent also allows you to manage various settings such as logging interval (1-99mins), setting the time and clearing data from the device.

Further automation of the collection of pressure data via telematics is currently being developed by PressurePro and VMC to implement a real time solution for mining and transport operations.

As many variants of the technology can be implemented please do not hesitate in contacting us with your particular application so we can determine an appropriate solution for your business.

For information on Pressure Pro devices please visit https://pressurepro.us/.

If you’re looking for a telematics based solution to send alerts and centralize your tyre pressure information then please take a look at enTIRE PressureNet.

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