enTIRE Wheels Citrix Enabled

enTIRE Wheels v3.1 has recently been released. This is an update to the previous v3.0 system which allows the system to operate under the Citrix environment within your local network or across the internet.

This technology enables the tried and tested platform of enTIRE Wheels to be hosted centrally and deployed live to locations with limited bandwidth. This technology can even be used to deploy enTIRE Wheels across the internet. This allows you to have a single database hosted centrally with live client access to the system.

For example, a mining operation with 5 mine sites could host the database centrally, on a server at head office, and have each site updating their information independently. Alternatively all data input could be performed centrally at head office with the individual sites having read only access to their information.

This version is currently in field operation in a major operation consisting of 13 sites with over 50 current users. The system has been operating successfully since late 2004.