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Vehicle Management Corporation – Creators of enTIRE Tyre Management Software

The award winning enTIRE Tyre and Rim Management System assists you in making the best decisions in relation to the management of the tyres and rims in your fleet. The use of enTIRE Tyre Management software when coupled with proper management practices can dramatically cut tyre and rim costs, Reduce equipment downtime, save time and enhance the safety of your operations ranging from single site, single user operations, to multi-site operations with hundreds of users.

The flagship application, enTIRE Wheels, has been designed for tyre users and manufacturers in mind to assist the reduction of tyre costs and increased safety by providing a user friendly management system that is relevant and effective. enTIRE Wheels has been in successful field operation for over 15 years in the mining, transport and port industries with implementations throughout the World.  VMC provides ongoing development of enTIRE, incorporating as many client requests as possible, while continually advancing and embracing new technologies. This is vitally important when considering any tyre management solution as operating systems and technologies change so quickly.

Most importantly, we are independent of tyre manufacturers and service providers.  We believe that you should own and control your tyre and rim performance information, so we ensure that the data in enTIRE remains confidential, on your site and available at all times.

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Mark Fernie
Managing Director

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